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Over the years, we found that bad installation and poor craftsmanship are the leading causes of leaky roofs. It includes poor flashing quality, skylights not installed to specifications, poorly sealed running pipes and especially in Geraldton, tin rust which is often caused by swarf (steel debris) left behind.                     

At AGFIX Multitrades™ we endeavor to understand and discern how rain water travels even with strong wind. Rain can infiltrate a roof finding its way through the smallest of cracks. Once the cause of the leak is established, we will fix the problem properly using the appropriate techniques.

Here are some roof designs and styles we have repaired: Hip roofs, Skillion roofs, Flat roofs, Gabled roofs, Clerestory roofs, Saw tooth roofs, Commercial roofs, etc.

If your Ceiling below is water damaged, then we can fix it too…

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