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At AGFIX Multitrades™ for the past 20 years, we have been involved in some very unusual yet very interesting jobs, such as this massive Music Recording Studio for a private client. It took nearly 8 weeks to complete with many challenges along the way to achieve the desired level of soundproofing required for Recording Studios.

  The finish product made this customer very happy!

We had asked Albert if he would think about doing a quote for a recording studio after he had done a number of jobs for us over the years. His quote was carefully researched and calculated as the room required particular building methods to ensure sound proofing. He subcontracted the electrician and the air con guy at appropriate times. The job was long and heavy work for him but he produced a most wonderful space to  enjoy and record music in a sound proof studio which many people will enjoy. Thank you so much!!!”Andrew & Madeline L.”      

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